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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A little about me and grocery smarts...Part I

Ok I woke up this morning and while laying in bed just started thinking about how much grocery smarts has changed me and my families life and thought I'd share...


How I was introduced to grocery smarts:
Almost a year ago a close friend told me about this coupon class she was going to and how excited she was to see how to save money. I heard coupon and cringed (yes me, that's right, I cringed!) A few days before that my husband had mentioned seeing a blurp on the news about how all these ladies where walking out of the grocery stores with tons of stuff for pennies and said I should figure out how. My question to him was, "That's cool. Am I not doing fine with our budget and shopping now?!?" He dropped it : ) and that was pretty much my response to my friend then (just without the emotion my husband got). Sorry Katrina! We were only spending between $400-$450 a month on grocery and household items and I thought I was thrifty. How could coupons really help, when I was already doing good?

Why I cringed:
Hard to believe now, I know, but this is why: In my mind then couponing was this time monster. I heard about ladies who would spend their Sunday's clipping away and wow that was NOT for me! I was too stressed between substituting at the local middle school, teaching piano lessons and preschool in my home, and just being a wife and mom. No way was I adding another job on! (or so my thinking went) I got the coupons in the mail and tried clipping them occasionally and using them but I'd either forget them at home or take them with me to the store and then forget all about them in my purse when I checked out OR the best and must frustrating: clip them try to use them and have them be EXPIRED. What was the POINT!

What finally changed my mind:
Another friend, Becky, did a post on her family blog about a trip to the store using grocery smarts. Becky simply explained grocery smarts in her post and had a picture that was full of stuff my family regularly used and eats and the clincher and what finally caught my attention and MADE ME WAKE UP was that the trip averaged out to $.66 an item! (to me back then and still a little now my world revolves around the $1 mark. If I can get it for a dollar or less I'm a happy duck! : P ) I decided it was time for me to try grocery smarts for myself...


So my questions to my readers out there:
1) Did or Is anything holding you back from trying grocery smarts?
2) If you are using grocery smarts what made you "Wake Up"?
I'd love to hear your answers : )

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