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Monday, September 21, 2009

Albertsons Gas Reward is Being Discountinued

I noticed looking at my Albertsons reciept from Saturday there is this note about the Albertsons gas rewards program:

Notice to participating customers:
The Albertsons Gas Rewards Program is being discountinued. 9/21/09 is the last day you may earn Gas Rewards. Gas Rewards issued on or before 9/21/09 will be honored until they expire.
Just so you know gas rewards expire 90 days after they are issued. Sad news I know but it looks like they might be moving to a rewards program more like Smith's. My reciept also had this note on a new reward incentive:
Earn 5% Savings Award
Every time you accumulate $250 in Preferred Card Spending.
Qualifying Purchase Period:
9/09/09 - 10/31/09
We'll just have to see how this new rewards program works out.

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