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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Advanced Tip: USE Pinching Your Pennies

I would LOVE all of us to use Pinching Your Pennies (PYP) MORE!!! You know why? It's a deal forum... they have partnered with Grocery Smarts to create a place for all of us "smart shoppers" to share extra tips, extra matchups and a place for us to ask and answer each other's questions. I wanted to promote it a bit more - as the more of us who use it the MORE valuable it becomes for everyone... so I joined the network and am proud to link you directy to them from my blog! Here's what I love about the website:

1. The Grocery Smarts listmakers post "preview" lists the night before the sales starts... so, if you want to take a peak and hit the sale EARLY or print your coupons FIRST - this is your stop!

2. You can leave comments on what you found (or didn't find) at your store to warn or inform other shoppers.

3. Did an unexpected "catalina" coupon pop out at the register? Leave a comment on PYP to tell everyone about it so we can all benefit from the extra savings!

4. I also love it because of awesome posts like (THIS ONE) where a shopper listed a complete price comparison to COSTCO for everyone to use!!! Do you have something you can post that EVERYONE would LOVE and could use to help them save more?

5. If you ever notice something the Grocery Smarts lists are missing or if you find an error, post about it on PYP. Our listmakers are moderators for PYP, so when they see your comment, they'll double check it and update their list if necessary.

If we all started using the PYP network to connect with each other regarding extra deals, we'll all save more! Plus, if we point out extra matchups, tips or small error corrections - the lists will be more complete and more accurate for everyone.