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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Budget Idea: Eating from the Pantry

There are lots of deals to be found each week but if you are not using what you buy than you are just wasting your money. Even if you got it for only a few pennies if its gets thrown away or never used you just wasted money! An idea that I've seen Money Saving Mom blog about that I love that helps prevent this waste of money is doing an eating from the pantry challenge.

In an eating from the pantry challenge you are trying to eat only what you already have in your home. This helps use up what you've already purchased enabling you to make room for new items and use products before they expire. You can choose how long you try doing an eating from the pantry challenge be it a day or two or a whole week. When you do one get creative. Look at what items you have that are going to expire soon and find interesting ways to use them.
Sometimes this means modifying a recipe or going with out an ingredient or two but it can be done.

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