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New to grocery smarts? The best way to jump start your savings is by hosting a FREE class! In your free class you'll learn how to use the free grocery smarts website, tips on how to save big at the store by combining coupons and sales, and if you need coupons I can help set you up with a sweet deal for the Sunday only paper! Contact me to book your class.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Gift Card Option

It's no secret or surprise that I teach coupon classes and that at these classes I teach how to use the FABULOUS Grocery Smarts website that takes the weekly store adds, rates the deals and matches them (when applicable) to available coupons. Best of all the website is FREE, reliable and accurate!!!

Once you've started collecting coupons you'll probably find very quickly that the most consistent and reliable source for coupons is to get the Sunday paper. If you have been to one of my classes you also know that through me you can order the Sunday only paper and if you order 4 or more you earn a $20 gift card.

Why would you want more than one Sunday paper? Part of what I teach in my classes is to have a set of coupons for every consumer in your household to help best shop the grocery stores and their approximately 12 week sales cycles. This enables you to try and buy enough when a product goes on sale to last until it goes on sale again.

If you have attended one of my classes in the last two weeks you know that I now have new and improved gift card offers for ordering Sunday Only Paper:

$5 Gift Card for ordering 2
$10 Gift Card for Ordering 3
$20 Gift Card for Ordering 4 or more!

You can always order papers over the phone but I normally can only offer gift cards at classes. However since this is a new offer and I will not be teaching classes this week because my girls and I are off to vacation in CA I am offering this to everyone new or not to grocery smarts. Maybe you haven't gotten around to ordering or maybe you need to add a couple extra subscriptions to meet the needs of your family? This is the perfect opportunity to order and take advantage of the NEW gift card offer whether you have been to a class or not!

To order and recieve the gift card incentive you need to call me by Saturday 6/13 at 2 pm. When you call I can answer any questions you have, go over rates and even book a class. (I am offering some fun extra incentives for booking a class in June) The best number to reach me at this week is my cell phone:
(if you call my home phone I and leave a message I will get back to you as soon as posssible and will still honor my gift card incentive.)

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