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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eating Smart On Vacation in Southern CA

One of the big budget breakers on vacation can be eating (especially if you are staying in a hotel) But even if you aren't in a hotel it is easy to let your spending on food get a little crazy. Here are some tips for eating budget smart in Southern CA while you are on vacation:
  1. 1. USE GROCERY SMARTS! If you have access to the internet than you can use the grocery smarts lists in Southern California to make a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies, some snack and lunch items. No you don't have to bring your whole coupon supply with you (but you could : ) ) You aren't going to be stocking up while you are on vacation so you don't need a major supply of coupons. Remember most fresh produce and deli items do not have coupons and there are 4 and 5 star deals you can get with no coupon or Internet printables. (assuming you have the capability of printing) If you are in a hotel most now offer small fridges and this will help you offset some eating out costs by having snack and lunch items you purchased at the store. The passport code for Southern CA is: g92ro1

  2. I know since CA is so close a lot of us drive. So if you are driving and know you have a trip coming up you can watch the sales here in Southern Nevada using Grocery Smarts and stock up on items to take with you on your trip. For example, the only time we drink a lot of soda is when we are camping or driving on long trips so I watch for 12 pack can deals as we get close to those events. I have a nice stock pile for camping this summer and trips to Southern CA. If I had waited until the day before to go buy my soda I would most likely be sending WAY more than I should making my trip cost even more. See how watching the sales and stocking up at the right time pays off in so many ways?!?

  3. If you are staying in a hotel make sure to use the continental breakfast. This is another place you can use to grab a few extra snacks and typically apples and banana's to help feed you during the day.

  4. Take advantage of the fact that several restaurants offer family days. Tuesday is a big kids eat free day. (Ihop, Islands, Tony Roma's, Denny's)

  5. You know all those restaurant coupons we get in the mail? Some are just free floating ones to places like Jack-in-the Box, Sonic and Carl's Jr. I save these in a envelope for trips just like this and put them in the dash board box in the front of my car. Others actually come in the coupon inserts we get in the mail and paper and are saving! Use the alphabetical coupon index type or scroll down to RESTAURANTS. There are often buy one get one free offers in this or discounts. This can really help offset the cost of eating out.

  6. Use restaurants.com if you are going out. Colette (my coupon mentor) did a great post on how to use this several months ago. Click here to read exactly how to use the site.

  7. Only go to sit down restaurants a few times on your trip. If you do go to places like this more often consider taking your order to go. Why? Because if you sit down and have a waiter you end up giving out TIPS and tips mean extra money out of your pocket. There are so many nice places in Southern CA (LIKE THE BEACH for example) if you are getting your food made for you take it to go and go to one of the beautiful places CA has to offer and eat it there. Its not 115 like it is here so you can go outside and not melt. You didn't travel all the way to CA to sit inside and stare at olive garden's walls! ; )

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