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Monday, May 11, 2009

Grocery Smarts Is GROWING!

The Grocery Smarts Revolution is starting to spread! For those of you with family & friends in areas outside of Southern NV and Utah who you are desperate to share this information with the time has come. The following areas now have lists up and running:

Southern California: "g92ro1"

Idaho: "g83ro1"

Eastern Washington: "g99ro1"

Utah: "g84rcm"

Southern Nevada: "g89cna"

Now its time to get the news to spread. Email this post to your friends and family in these areas and let them know about this great opportunity to start being smart shoppers by, saving money (you could potentially cut your grocery bill in half!) all while stocking up their pantries and home! You can e-mail this by clicking on the little white envelope at the bottom of this post. My family and friends in CA are going to be sooo happy!!

Side note: My supervisor posted "coming soon..." on her blog for Arizona, Western Washington, Oregon & Northern CA and she would know best because she is in direct contact with the organizer of Grocery Smarts. So stayed tuned for those areas to be added! Its very exciting that Grocery Smarts is doing so well.

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