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Friday, May 29, 2009

4 and 5 Star grilling

The weather is getting warmer all the time and at my house that means its time to stop using the oven and go outside and grill. This is one of the ways my family tries to save money because if I use the oven it means we also have to use the AC more and that gets REALLY expensive here in Las Vegas. Just like most things quick and SIMPLE is my moto for grilling. I looked through the lists this week and came up with one complete meal option for you. I had a couple rules when putting this together:

1) All ingredients had to come from 1 store

2) All the items had to 4 or 5 stars

3) It needed to be a complete meal, that my family would eat

So here is what I came up with following those quidelines:

  • Store shopped at: VONS
  • Items: cantalope, sweet white corn, safeway chicken drum sticks, Kings Hawian Rolls, McCormick Grill Mates spice

Heat grill to medium heat. Rub chicken drum sticks with McCormick Grill Mates spice of your choice. (easy way to do this is put drum sticks in zip lock bag, sprinkle in the spice, close the bag and shake) Let the legs sit while the grill heats up. Grill until done (about 20 minutes) Cut up cantalope and either cook corn by boiling or wrapping in foil and grilling with the chicken. Serve with Hawian Rolls and wa-la a compete meal that start to finish was done in less than 30 minutes, was simple and cheap because it was made with all 4 and 5 star items.

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