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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet?...

I feel like a kid that is REALLY excited about doing something and can't stop asking if its time. What am I so anxious about? The Vons list to be added to grocery smarts! We have been told it should be any week now and I hope so because while I do enjoy hunting down great deals, having the list already made is just SO NICE!!!! This week would have been one of those nice weeks to have a list already made because Vons had some great deals and its actually the grocery store that is closets to my house.
(This is the sales add that came in the mail for 4/1 - 4/7)
Tip: Keep the sales adds that come each week until the sale week is over. They should be in with your RP insert. Inside these adds are the store coupons that are referenced, if applicable, on the grocery smarts lists, and its sometimes nice to have an add on hand in addition to your GS list.
This is my Vons purchase this week, I forgot my baby carrots for $1.99 for 2 lbs but this is how the rest breaks down:
18 ct Eggs: $1.99 w/ in add store coupon
Cuties: $4.88-$1 off Manufacture Coupon (MFQ)= $3.88
Broccoli Crowns: $.88 per lb
Tyson Chicken Nuggets: Buy One Get One Free/Store price $7.99-$2 MFQ= $5.99 for 2
Life Cereal: $.99 w/in add store coupon limit 1 or buy 2 and use store coupon plus $1/2 MFQ and each box is $1.14
Reynolds Wrap: 2/$5 w/ in store coupon - $2 MFQ's= 2/$3
Sauve: Free with MFQ (I requested online and was sent in the mail)
Duracell Batteries: $5.99 - $2 in store coupon - $1 digital coupon -$1 MFQ= $1.99
want to learn more about digital coupons go here

Total Value: $63.51
Total Savings: $41.84
Total Spent: $21.67
Percent Saved: 67%

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