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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Presents on a Budget Part II

I am always looking for great deals to help boost my baby presents pile. I found two great stores this week to help me with this, CVS and K-Mart. I paid $19.94 out of pocket for all of the items pictured. Here's how:

CVS is running a promotion this week that if you buy $25 of participating baby products you recieve $10 ECB's (Extra Care Bucks, its just like a voucher you would get from Albertson's) at checkout. I bought all of the bath products and wipes using this promotion. I got $1/1 coupons for all of the bath products here and here (just so you know the Johnson's head to toe foaming baby wash is NOT part of the sale but all the other 1 item coupons are!)
I bought 7 $3 bath products and 2 $2 CVS wipes to total exactly $25. This is how the pricing ended for my purchase:
$25 baby products -$7 manufactor coupons -$10 ECB
= $8 for all 9 products or $.89 an item!!
Tip: there are several other baby items in this promotion such as diapers/pull ups and wipes that can be paired with coupons here in group A coupons or pull up coupons from the SS 1/11, 2/22, or 3/22. If you still have any of the printable Huggies coupons that are still valid from last month they will work too. Go here to see CVS add online or check your Sunday paper for your add.

K-mart is having a great clearance sale on all of their winter baby clothes. All the clearance racks are marked $1.99 and as you can see from my picture a lot of the items are nice jamies and two piece sets. Even if the sticker says more on it the clothes will ring up for $1.99. These clothes at normal price rang from $9.99-$12.99
My break down:

6 items @ $1.99 = $11.94!

$8 (CVS) + $11.94 (K-mart)= $19.94 (pre-tax) for 15 items!

These deals are good for the rest of the week so don't miss out!

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