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Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Presents on a Budget

Do you know anyone having a baby? How about several people having a baby?? Its an exciting time to be expecting a new little one and when its our friends or family we all want to wish them well. However doesn't it sometimes seem like EVERYONE around you is pregnant (maybe for some of you, yourself included)? How can you then "shower" your loved ones without breaking your budget? Easy, plan ahead and shop smart.

I currently have a VERY long list of friends who are expecting in the next 6 months that I know I want to be able to give a gift to so I made a personal goal to be able to put together a nice gift for each of them for only $5 a person. Sound crazy? Well the gift pictured above is one I am taking to San Diego this weekend to give to one of our close family friends who just had their first little one this past week. This gift if bought at normal retail value would come in somewhere between $40-$50. Shopping Smart I was able to put this together for only $5! (nice huh?)

Here's how:
Pink Dress: $1 (Wal-Mart clearance sale last summer)
Shirt and Sweater Set: $1 (Wal-Mart clearance sale last summer)
Johnson & Johnson Night time baby wash: $1 (Albertson J & J promo 1 week ago)
Wipes: $1 (Walgreens sale two weeks ago)
Diapers: $1 (Walgreens sale two weeks ago)
Air Freshener for all those stinky diapers : ) : Free! (CVS sale one month ago)
Gift Bag: Free! (recycled from one of my baby showers years ago)
Total: $5

Wouldn't you enjoy getting a gift like this and not be offended if you found out that your friend only spent $5? What do you think? Leave me a comment I'd love to know.

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