Jump Start Your Summer Savings

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Days with Walgreen's Easy Saver

As you start to learn more about the world of couponing you'll find there are LOTS of ways to stretch your money. Walgreens each month comes out with an easy saver catalog that you can pick up for free at the store. The easy saver list products that walgreens has mail-in-rebates for. Walgreens also has coupons that print at the register ("catalinas") for money off your next purchase. By looking through the easy saver, store sales/coupons, "catalinas" and your manufacture coupons you can shop walgreens each month and come away with several items for free or very close to free. Also if you accept your rebate in the form of store credit you earn an additional 10% back. The picture above are my purchases from February 1-14, 2009 and once I receive my rebate I will actually have made between $2-$3. Yes, I will get more money back than I spent! There are tons of advanced couponing tricks out there. Check back to my blog periodically to find new hints on saving extra money or book a class with me and I will give you some personal training plus some additional great incentives for hosting.

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